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  • A visionary, creative video and films production company with passion for performing arts and independent films. Always keen on thought provoking and heartfelt stories that relate to people with a unique eye in communicating stories through visual and performing arts.
  • We support, encourage and nurture unique and creative expressions in performing and visual arts including motion picture landscape. We believe in the power of these mediums to change and enrich our lives on both sides of the fence, the content creator and the content recipient.
  • We have an eye for finding stories in just about anything and vision to express them. Golden Eyes Productions connects with the people and strives to communicate with the world where people, ideas, and technology come together to create stories that become a part of our lives.
  • Member of Arlington Independent Media
  • Member of Television Internet Video Association (TIVA)

Client list

American Rivers
MITRE Corporation
After School Dance Fund
Defense Learning Institute
O Mansion Hotel
Duke Ellington School of Arts
City Dance Ensemble
Stone Soup Film

If your eyes could speak, what would they say?

Golden Eyes Productions provides complete production services including Scriptwriting, Videography, Visual Effects, Editing, DVD Authoring, Filed Audio Design and location Lighting as well as make-up and wardrobe. We serve the DC Metro Region as well as the East and West coast markets.

We can produce, direct, and exhibit short films, documentaries, TV shows, music videos, corporate videos, with captivating cinematic images and stories.


We can help write your stories from initial storyboarding and content ideas to full script development, talent casting, location scouting and production design.


We provide full range of editing suites using the latest industry tools for the look and feel desired and best suited for each production venue. The final edited product will be exported in high resolution and HD quality output and delivery with media transcoded to any format including Web encoding (Flash, Quicktime, Windows Media) as well as smart devices (Smart Phones, and Tablets.)

Visual Effects

Using Motion Graphics (After Effects) We can help convey a deeper meaning and create complex motion graphics, or composite realistic visual effects bringing dynamics and life into otherwise static content.


Covering company events, arm chair discussions, keynote briefings, training videos, promotional videos, all hands meetings, user conferences, presentations, feature films, short films, documentaries, live news cast etc. each specially tailored and edited to suit each client’s need and objectives.

DVD Authoring

Golden Eyes Productions will encode a digitally mastered video/audio of your production into a DVD/Blue Ray disk that will include menu design, with customized buttons with cover arts.

Live Webcasting/Streaming

On-Line video streaming of your events

Corporate Video

We work with any size companies including Federal and State Governments to develop a branding and or impact videos as well as marketing DVDs, Corporate Communications, Streaming, Commercials, Staff Training, Promotional Films etc.

Golden Eyes Productions provides professional services and help manage your entire production process, putting your creative ideas into a motion picture reality.

We engage a team of dedicated professional crew throughout the entire process from initial brain storming, to logistics to the final product in concert with your goals and objectives and within budget and timeline.

Our film production process takes place in multiple stages:

Development—this is the stage where the ideas are created, screenplay is written and the entire project is visualized and communicated

Pre-production—this stage has many sub stages and layers where the preparation for shooting take place with identifying the cast and crew with skill sets relevant to the goals and project story line e.g., music video, documentary (historical, environmental, cultural etc…), educational, art, nature, science and technology etc., then preparations are made, locations are selected, and sets are built.

Production—this is the phase where the word “action and cut” are used a lot and various elements of the film are directed and recorded.

Post-production—here is where images, sound, and visual effects are edited and recreated for the final look and feel.

Delivery—finished products are delivered in multiple formats to suit the intended distribution model such as web, smart devices, commercial and home entertainment.


Our film production process will involve initial consultation where we analyze the story line/idea through scriptwriting, casting, shooting, editing, and delivery of the finished product.

  • American Rivers, Washington DC—Arm chair discussion featuring DC Mayor Vincent Gray and former DC Mayor Anthony Williams
  • MITRE Corporation, McLean VA—Corporate video contest—Winner of video contest
  • Strathmore Hall, Rockville MD—Latin Dance Showcase and competition and Escolania Choir group from Spain
  • TelecomHub, McLean VA—Panel discussion and presentation
  • Defense Learning Institute, Washington DC
  • Washington DC—Concert series at a private event featuring Bobby Keys (Rolling Stone Sax Player)
  • National Geographic, Washington DC—TEDx event featuring 21 guest speakers. This event was streamed live and is currently showcased as a featured video on TED.com
  • Goethe Institute, Washington DC—TEDx youth event featuring Duke Ellington School of Arts
  • Lincoln Theater, Washington DC—City Dance special dance performance
  • Stone Soup Film, Washington DC—Celebration event in honor of Ayuda's 40th anniversary serving DC-MD-VA communities
  • Ever After “resurrection”, a featured action film by an independent film maker
  • Story House Production, Washington DC—Producing a 12 episode TV show for Discovery channel
  • Story House Production, Washington DC—Fictional documentary trailer
  • Arlington Independent Media (public access cable station)—Producing variety of cable shows
  • Mobile Production, Broadcasting/filming on location sport events, concerts, community event etc
  • DOC in a Day: A 48hrs film festival sponsored by Stone Soup films, Media Rise and Pivot Cable Channel
  • Destiny of an artist—A short documentary highlighting George Petridis life’s work which is captured in his paintings and autobiography